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How to improve your practice and reduce your chair time

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We understand how challenging it can be to grow a thriving dental practice. So we produced this FREE guide that will give you new insight into small changes you can make within your practice to help you reach your desired income goals. Simply enter your information above for instant access.

 In this FREE guide, you will discover the 5 things that contribute to increased productivity and efficiency in your practice...

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    You have total control over how your practice operates on a daily basis. In this free report, you will learn what you can do to improve your overall efficiency and productivity in your practice.

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    Your team plays an integral role in how your patients view your practice and the productivity of your office. Learn simple steps you can take to improve moral, efficiency, and productivity of your team.

  • 3

    Your practice must have systems in place for promotion, followup, and referrals. Without systems in place for every aspect of your practice, it is much more difficult to improve your practice to reach your desired level of income.

  • 4

    The materials you use can have a dramatic impact on how productive you are in your practice. This is a sometimes overlooked part of productivity and efficiency in your practice.

  • 5

    The technique you use for cosmetic cases, implants, taking impressions,and shade taking will impact the efficiency of your practice. (In this free guide, you will find a checklist to help you with shade taking to ensure a quality product)